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Why do we need Fiber Optic Sensing?

How does using Fiber Optic Sensing change the current system of contacting 811 prior to excavation?

We’ve always done it this way.

What sources of fiber are available?

What if there are no dark strands available in the fiber?

How far away from the fiber can the system accurately detect excavation?

How does the system know the difference between excavation and other activities?

I tried working with Fiber Optic Sensing several years ago and the results were disappointing. What’s different now?

Can it distinguish between manual and mechanical excavation?

What is the total linear distance that can be monitored?

Does the fiber have to be one continuous strand?

Does it work along busy streets with a lot of noisy activity?

Who would respond to the site when unauthorized excavation is detected?

What will be included in the alert?

Will we know the exact location we need to respond to?

How will we be alerted to the excavation that is threatening our facility?

How many people can receive the alert?

Can Fiber Optic Sensing provide information in addition to alerts for excavation with no one-call tickets?

What does installing a Fiber Optic Sensing system cost?

Is this Fiber Optic Sensing system available outside of Texas?

How do I get additional information?