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No matter the project, big or small, professional or DIYer, always contact 811 two business days before digging. It's safe, free, and the law.

When most people hear the word “dig” or the phrase “call before you dig”, they think about major construction with heavy equipment, however when anyone, professional or DIYer, is doing a project that involves digging, a request for underground utility line markings must be made. This request will notify the owners of the utility lines at the worksite. Within two-business days the underground utility lines will be marked to ensure the lines are protected, but most importantly the people working and living around them are safe as well.

Curious about the paint and flags on the ground in neighborhoods?

So are many others. 74% of Texans do not know that EVERY DIG COUNTS and IT’S THE LAW to notify utility owners before digging. The paint and flags on the ground indicate that someone is planning to dig or needs to know the location of the underground utility lines in the area for planning purposes.

Along with major construction projects, a request for underground utility lines markings should be made when:

Building or Repairing a Fence
Planting a tree
Installing a sprinkler system
Any chore or maintenance that requires digging

The request for line markings is FREE, however, if there are privately owned utilities in the area that need locating, a private locating company can take care of that. A quick Google search will pull up private locators in the area. Also, most plumbers can locate privately owned lines. Click HERE to learn more about privately owned utilities.

Safe Digging is

Fast, Easy & Free. It’s the Law.

1. Contact 811

Dial 811 or make a request online two-business days before any digging project.

2. Wait

Wait the two-business days for the utility companies to mark the work area.

3. Confirm

Confirm that all affected utility companies have responded. Responses can be verified by comparing markings with utilities listed on the 811 ticket. Learn what each colored marking means. Positive Response for excavators.

4. Respect

Respect and replace the markings provided by the utility companies. These markings are your guide for the duration of the project.

5. Carefully dig

It is the responsibility of the person digging to avoid damaging marked lines.