Logo can only be used in its original format; it cannot be altered in any way.

  • The registered trademark should always be visible.
  • If the logo is resized, the original proportions must be maintained.

Logo is to be used for co-branded material, that is using Texas811 logo in conjunction with your logo.

Texas811 logo cannot be used by a third party when their logo is not present.

All efforts must be made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the material that carries the Texas811 logo.

  • It is expressly forbidden to use the Texas811 logo in any way to convey something that is not completely accurate.
  • Business standards for correct grammar and spelling must be followed.

Texas811 or its employees cannot be quoted in printed material without prior authorization by the Texas811 Communications Department.

Questions about the correct usage of the Texas811 logo should be addresses to the
Texas811 Marketing Communications Team @ CommunicationsTeam@Texas811.org.