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The National High-Risk Intervention Program empowers participating utility operators to prevent damage, proactively. On average, our participating members are seeing around a 50% reduction in damages.

At Texas811, we know just how critical and valuable this information can be to a utility operator before excavation begins. High-Risk Intervention arms Texas811 members with heightened communication, allowing them to make informed decisions with their time and resources. Intervention can involve a phone call or email to the excavator alerting them to work with caution and can be customized to fit the facility operator’s preference.

Texas811 can provide a phone and email message to excavators throughout the facility operator’s national service area. To intervene on a facility operator’s behalf, the Texas811 damage prevention staff contacts the excavator directly to inform them of an increased risk associated with the excavation project. Through conversation, Texas811 will share a variety of precautionary measures that the excavator can take to help mitigate the observed risk. Following that discussion, Texas811 shares the same information with the field contact via an electronic alert so that it can be shared with the crew on-site.

To learn more about our intervention program, please reach out to Solutions@Texas811.org or call 318-798-4770.