Almost half of utility company locating budgets are spent on tickets that are marked “Cleared” or “No Conflict” by the locator at the worksite, i.e., utility companies are paying locators to go to a worksite where their facilities are not at risk.

​In-depth investigations of planned excavations by specially trained Damage Prevention Research Analysts at the Texas811 Contact Center have shown to significantly reduce the number of tickets sent to locators eliminating the associated locating expenses.

​The percentage of tickets that can be cleared by Texas811 vary based on the preciseness of the mapping data provided by the member utility. Utilities who provide precise centerline data see the largest reduction in tickets.

​Members choose guidelines indicating how they want excavations “Cleared.” For example:​

  • Work within 50 ft of the centerline should be located; 51 ft or more should be cleared.
  • If the work is in the front of the property and the line is in the alley, the locate should be cleared.

Each member customizes guidelines for their specific needs.​

For more information or to receive a review of your facility mapping to estimate your potential savings, contact