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There are two ways to contact Texas811 to request a notification to have your lines marked. Both methods are free of charge to you.

Call 811

Listen carefully to the recorded message, many of your requests can be handled through the automated system before you reach a Damage Prevention Agent.

Online via The Portal

By using our Online Ticket Entry System. If you are a homeowner, you can use the online Homeowner Portal which is a program that walks homeowners through the process step-by-step program.

Information The Contact Center Needs...

What Does it Mean to Have Your Lines Marked?

When you contact Texas811 to have your lines marked, you are initiating a process that includes our contact center, utility locators and utility companies working together to prepare you for safe digging. Our contact center takes your information on the work you are planning to do and after identifying which utilities have lines near your work area, we notify the utilities of your plan to dig. The utilities send locators to your site to physically mark the ground to identify the position of the underground lines. The two working days, excluding weekends and holiday, wait between making the request and being able to dig allows the locators to travel to your dig site. Lines may be marked with flags or paint on the ground.

Information the Contact Center Needs

  • Name, phone number, address of the person who is digging
  • Name, phone number and email address of the person submitting the locate request
  • Name, phone number, and email address of the site contact
  • Who the work is being done for
  • Duration (time) of the work
  • Nature of work
  • Excavation depth and length
  • Type of equipment being used
  • Texas811 will ask if explosives are being used as well as if you will be doing any directional boring
  • City and County where work is taking place
  • Address and/or driving directions to the work location
  • Nearest cross street
  • Work site locate instructions
  • GPS if applicable
  • Any other information that will help utility operators mark their underground facilities near your work site

What You Will Receive From Texas811

Your ticket number:

have contacted Texas811 and requested a locate for your work location/site. You should keep it until the project has been completed. You will need to provide it whenever you contact Texas811 about this project.

An email copy of your ticket containing a list of all utilities that have facilities in your area, if you have provided an email address.

Property Access

Being on site:

It is not a requirement for you to be on site, however please be sure to follow steps 2-4 if applicable.


Remove and/or safely contain dogs and other pets. Even if a pet looks friendly, locators may not enter the yard.

Gate codes:

If you are working in a gated community, provide the gate code

Locked gates:

Make sure gates are unlocked

Utility Markings

What utilities are marked by 811?
The 811 One-Call system notifies participating utility members, but does not actually mark the lines. Member utilities may only mark public utilities and may not mark private or non-member utilities.

What are private utilities?
Private utilities are lines not owned by utility companies, typically found between the meter and the building. If you have a curbside meter, this can result in the property not being marked by utility companies. Other underground utilities that generally are not marked include, but are not limited to: water and sewer lines, private lighting, sprinklers, fire mains, secondary electric lines to detached garages, pools, and septic lines.

Who marks private utilities, and is there a cost?

There are fees for private utility markings. A quick search online should result in a number of private locating companies in your area and most plumbing companies offer private locating upon request.

The underground utilities are owned by the property owner, and it’s the owner’s responsibility to cover the cost associated with protecting private underground utilities.

I've waited 48 hours, but I don't see any markings...
If there is no Positive Response, contact Texas811, by dialing 811 (you will need your ticket number), to process a No Response to notify utility companies to locate their lines ASAP. Some lines may not be marked because they are private.

How do I know which utilities have responded?

Each utility member has a different way of communicating in regards to utilities on the property. This is referred to as a Positive Response.

  • Positive response by site markings: you may see paint and/or flags on site.
  • Positive response by phone and/or email
  • You can see this type of response here you’ll need your ticket number and a Portal account. You may also dial 811 and speak to a Damage Prevention Agent to obtain member Positive Responses.

Ticket Number

Once you submit a locate request, you will receive a ticket number. This number is needed in order to make any changes to your ticket. Fees may apply if ticket number is lost.

I need to change something on my locate.

Call 811 to make changes to your existing ticket (you’ll need your ticket number)

I'm still working.

Update your ticket HERE or dial 811 to speak to our Damage Prevention Center (you’ll need your ticket number).

Markings are no longer visible

Process an Update/Remark HERE or dial 811 to speak to our Damage Prevention Center (you’ll need your ticket number).

Report Damages

As soon as any damage is discovered, including gouges, dents or breaks to coating, cable sheathes, and cathodic protection anodes or wiring, report the type and location of the damage to the utility and permit the utility a reasonable amount of time to make necessary repairs.

I need a copy of my ticket.

Print/email a copy of your ticket HERE(you'll need your ticket number).