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What is a Texas811 member?

A Texas811 member is a facility operator who registers their buried infrastructure within the Texas811 database. This allows Texas811 to notify the facility operator when digging may take place near those buried lines. Texas811 members may mark their own lines or hire a third party to do so.

Who can be a member of Texas811?

All facility operators, both Class A and Class B, and any other facility operator owning or operating underground infrastructure in Texas are eligible for membership with Texas811. As a non-profit corporation owned by our utility members, Texas811 is not a vendor. We operate as an extension of our members’ organizations. Our mission is to keep their infrastructure and the people living around it safe. There are no contracts required for Texas811 membership.

How can I become a member of Texas811?

Texas811 looks forward to helping protect your buried facilities! Texas811 looks forward to protecting your facilities. When you are ready to get started, we ask that you please:

  1. Complete our Membership Application, and
  2. Attach your zipped utility mapping file directly to the application.

    1. Formats accepted are shape files (preferred), lat/long coordinates, tab files, Google My Maps and .kml/.kmz files (you can easily get .kml/.kmz files using Google Earth). The Projection (coordinate system) of CAD files must be provided.

      i. Tutorial for Google Earth (KMZ) files

This will initiate the process by registering your information, along with your utility mapping data, in our system.

  1. Please allow a 2-week turnaround for submissions to be completed. Live dates are every Tuesday and Friday. Live dates are determined by the complexity and/or volume of updates.
  2. A confirmation email will be sent after your request has been processed. It is your responsibility to review the file attachments to ensure the accuracy of the update(s).

New Texas811 Member?

Welcome to the Texas811 family. Please use these quick links for some frequently asked questions.

Welcome letter from Chris

Thank you for choosing Texas811 for your membership. It is our members that make us great, and we are glad to have you on board.

Our mission of damage prevention and public safety is a shared responsibility. Every one of our members is committed to protecting the vital underground infrastructure in Texas and making sure that the men and women that work on and near the unseen underground get to go home safe to their families every day.

We are striving toward a zero damages, zero waste state. Though this is a lofty goal, we feel it is a worthwhile pursuit, and together we know we can make a difference. All of us at Texas811 work every day to make our state a safer place to live and work and our partnership with you is a big part of how we get that done.

We have a dedicated Member Services team that is ready to assist with whatever needs you may have as a member, and we are all committed to providing the highest quality damage prevention experience in the industry. Additionally, we have a team of Damage Prevention Managers that span the state doing outreach and education to further our mission.

Being a member of Texas811 means being a part of the largest 811 team in the nation. Together, we further the mission and set the standard for damage prevention.

Welcome. If there is anything you need, we are here to help.

Thank you,

Chris Stovall

Membership Services Offered

Texas811 utility members have access to a wide range of services that go beyond one-call notifications as part of their membership including advanced programs designed to reduce utility members’ overall locating expenses, innovative and comprehensive damage prevention programs, and an industry-respected ticket management software.

One-Call Notification

Texas811 operates the largest one-call notification center in the country with more than 2,000 utility and municipal members. We process more than 3.7 million inbound requests resulting in more than 21 million outbound tickets annually.

The Portal Plus

Self-service options are available for Texas811 utility members through our online Portal. Utility members have the ability to perform advanced ticket searches, print tickets and respond to excavator requests for locates.

Damage Prevention

The one-call notification industry grew out of a need to protect underground utilities from accidental damage. Texas811 considers our Damage Prevention Outreach and Education programs an integral part of the same objective.

Interactive Ticket Link

The interactive ticket link is a URL link located on the excavator and utility member copy of the locate request ticket. By clicking on the interactive link, you will have access to:

a. Detailed ticket information
b. The work area markings created by the one-call center or excavator
c. Access to use location services for directions to work sites
d. Additional attachments like maps, .kmz or .kml files, photos or .jpg images
e. Positive responses

Positive Response

Positive Response helps to eliminate unnecessary No Responses and gives Facility Operators the capability of responding back to the one-call center with one click. Excavators can view responses by logging into the Portal or by using the Interactive Ticket Link located on their copy of the locate request. Excavators can also obtain responses by calling our Damage Prevention Center. This feature can also interact with multiple ticket management systems.

Customized Solutions

Texas811 has been actively looking at what comes next. We’ve seen the one-call industry develop in marvelous ways over the past 30+ years and we’ve spent a lot of time and resources to improve the process and save our utility members money on their overall locating expenses.

Customized Solutions’ cost saving and damage prevention programs include:

  • Secondary Research (Ticket Screening) reduces the number of “No Conflict” tickets sent to locators avoiding unnecessary locator expense.
  • Update Filtering reduces the number of Update tickets sent to locators when the line markings are still visible.
  • Damage Reduction through Predictive Analytics uses historical data to predetermine the risk of damages from a specific notification and enables intervention before damages occur.

For additional information on how Customized Solutions can save on your overall locating costs and help reduce damages, contact Solutions@Texas811.org.