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Data shows that notifications with the 10% - 15% highest risk analysis scores are responsible for about 50% of excavation damages.

What is a risk analysis score? Using the past four years of one-call notifications and damages in the Texas811 database and Railroad Commission root cause data, a predictive analytics engine provides a real-time score indicating the probability that a specific excavation will result in excavation damage.

How is the risk score determined? Risk factors include anything on the one call ticket including nature of work, excavator history, digging depth, geographic location, etc...

What does intervention involve? A utility operator can take multiple actions once they are aware of the heightened possibility of a damage. Intervention can range from a phone call or email to the excavator alerting them to the sensitivity of excavating at that location to sending a representative to meet with the excavator or being present during the excavation. Texas811 can provide phone call or email intervention on our member’s behalf.

How does the system work? Texas811 uses a predictive analytics engine to provide this new level of damage prevention to Texas811 members. Our predictive analytics model has demonstrated that their real-time risk analysis scores combined with pre-excavation intervention results in around 30% damage reduction year over year.

For companies who already intervene prior to excavations, Predictive Analytics helps you identify the lowest-risk excavations and gives you the opportunity to reposition assets to address excavations with the highest probability of damage.

With the PIPES Act of 2016, PHMSA delivered to Congress a study that included the use of predictive analytics as a viable technology tool to help prevent pipeline damage. For more information, click here.

​Additionally, Texas811 Customized Solutions and Damage Prevention staff will monitor your risk data to determine which excavators are responsible for creating the most risks to your facilities. Our Damage Prevention Managers will meet with and train those excavators on safe digging practices on your behalf.

​The real-time risk analysis score and intervention activities are available as a subscription service through Texas811 Customized Solutions.

What's included: 

  • Risk Score and Risk group on all one-call tickets 
  • Custom Monthly Reporting 
  • Quarterly reports of your top 3 highest-risk excavators 
  • Quarterly targeted safety training from Texas811 Damage Prevention staff on your highest-risk excavators 
  • Delivered documentation and signatures to help satisfy RP1162 requirements 

Phone Intervention:

  • Access to call recordings 
  • Monthly Reporting Dynamic scale for calling – you choose what percentage you would like us to call on 
  • Custom message to excavator tailored to member’s preference on what steps to take to prevent damage 

Electronic Intervention: 

  • Monthly Reporting 
  • Dynamic scale for alerts – you choose what percentage you would like to send out alerts 
  • Custom message to excavator tailored to member’s preference on what steps to take to prevent damage

For more information or to receive a customized risk reduction analysis, contact Solutions@Texas811.org.